Shahram Akbarzadeh, Fethi Mansouri
Shahram Akbarzadeh and Fethi Mansouri: ‘Contextualising New Islamism’, in Shahram Akbarzadeh and Fethi Mansouri (eds), Islam and Political Violence: Muslim Diaspora and Radicalism in the West (London and NY: IB Tauris, 2007). pp. 1-12.
Publication year: 2007

How do we engage with the pressing challenges of xenophobia, radicalism and security in the age of the “war on terror”? The widely felt sense of insecurity in the West is shared by Muslims both within and outside Western societies. Growing Islamic militancy and resulting increased security measures by Western powers have contributed to a pervasive sense among Muslims of being under attack (both physically and culturally). Islam and Political Violence brings together the current debate on the uneasy and potentially mutually destructive relationship between the Muslim world and the West and argues we are on a dangerous trajectory, strengthening dichotomous notions of the divide between the West and the Muslim world.